I originally started this page to collect my posts for the sprue cutters union run by Jon over at the combat workshop (check out my links page); however due to personal circumstances the spruecutters union has been on hiatus for a while. I still write about topics that have interested or completely annoyed me over the years and it just made sense to include them in this little area of my website. Here my unfiltered opinions (while we are still allowed to have one without recrimination) are stored. Feel free to read/comment on my thoughts.

My First Model 

My top three tools

FML !!! bloody models


photo courtesy of the combat workshop

What my wife thinks of my hobby


 Living in a scale model world

My Spending Habits

My Modelling Hangouts

What models I like

Every ones a critic

 Black Friday Bargains


 Where the "magic" happens

Old dog new tricks

environmentally friendly model making?

2020 What a year!

Politics and everything else in life in model communities

To blog or not to blog?

Losing my mojo

Harder & Steenbeck treats model makers badly with their new edition airbrush

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