Current Projects

Welcome to my current projects or work in progress page. I used to keep my current projects in a draft format until they were complete and ready to publish, however I have now decided to provide a link to each one of my existing projects for you to look at. They are in various stages of completion with some being worked on continually and others on a "hiatus" while I wait for inspiration or parts to arrive to complete them. As always just click on the link and it will take you to its page. Don't worry of the project you were following has disappeared, it just means that it is now complete and has been moved to one of the completed sections of the site.

Comments and ideas/suggestions are very welcome

These projects are currently being worked on

These projects are currently on long term hold:

Gamma Goat Diorama  on long term hold

Simca 5 Diorama    on long term hold

Zombie control vehicle   on long term hold

War Machine   on long term hold

Humvee UAV Control Vehicle    on long term hold

bell uh 1 Iroquois Huey   on long term hold

Mercedes G4 on long term hold

Abandoned work 

These projects have been abandoned for various reasons. I usually do this because I have either lost interest in them completely or I have had another idea that uses some of the major pieces in another project. I have chosen to leave what I had completed up to the point of abandonment as they are still examples of my work albeit unfinished:

47 Ronin   abandonded

Jeep in a crate  abandoned

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