3D Printing

This page has been created to document my journey into 3D printing and show you some of the projects that I have taken on along the way. My plan is to modify/improve my first personal 3D printer and discuss what mods I've done and whether they are for aesthetic, essential, quality reasons. This is not really a page for advanced 3D printer users as I am not one. I'm hopefully going to contribute to anyone who; like me started looking around the web for help and advice and was instantly hit with all of the jargon and the expectation that the reader knew exactly what they were talking about!

At the time of writing this I currently own a Creality Ender 2 shown below:
and I also have access to its big brothers the Creality CR-10 and Creality CR-10S through work however I rarely get the chance to print anything on them as they are being continually used by our students!

Although this is a great printer out of the box I intend on modifying many aspects of it from its stock form to suit my requirements and I'll try an document as many mods that I carry out and share with you where I found the information to do this. Each mod that I carry out will be discussed in a separate page and a link will be placed to that mod below. I'll also include some links to what I think are some interesting projects below as well.

Ender 2 Printer modifications:

3D printing projects:

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