Abandoned Projects

 This is my section of the web where models have come to die! Yes I am no different to any other model maker; I make mistakes and lose faith in  a model to the point where I simply cannot face it any more. This page is not a definitive list of the models I have just stopped mid-way through a build. Its a page where I have started a write up for my website and taken photos etc and I have chosen to share what work I have done up to the point I gave up. Enjoy sharing in my misery lol:

Abandoned work 

These projects have been abandoned for various reasons. I usually do this because I have either lost interest in them completely or I have had another idea that uses some of the major pieces in another project. I have chosen to leave what I had completed up to the point of abandonment as they are still examples of my work albeit unfinished:

Humvee UAV Control Vehicle    abandoned in its current form and used in another project

47 Ronin   abandoned

Jeep in a crate  abandoned

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