Tuesday 24 December 2013

Where the "magic" happens

for this sprue cutters union post we have all been asked to do a little show and tell. Despite the fact that I wish I had a dedicated room to both make and siplay my creations, I must admit that my workbench is a small fold away table from a haberdashery store in UK called Dunelm and a Transportable tool kit that I "acquired" a few years ago that houses some of my most used tools and equipment. I have also taken over the majority of the cupboard under the main staircase in my house. This is where I store the rest of my tools and equipment, unmade kits and works in progress:

My work bench (seen below) I must admit is a very comfortable and sociable kind of place, being as its in the middle of my living room. The advantages of this are a large two seater leather sofa to sit on, my pet dog usually in his bed to my right to keep me company once my wife and daughter have retired to their boudoirs for the evening and a rather large widescreen TV in front of me that usually plays war films and scifi back to back (again once the wife and daughter have retired for the evening). It also serves another very important purpose in that I still get to spend loads of time with my family instead of being locked away in another room away from them . I have plans to purchase an old writing bureau sometime in the near future (also seen below) which could be placed in the living room and provide a great workbench during my model sessions and be closed and look like a nice piece of furniture when not in use.

My additional work areas are situated under my staircase as show in the photos below. Fortunately this is a large cupboard that is very rarely visited by my wife and never by anyone who visits my home, so its basically left in a state of permanent organised chaos. I also use this area to store my model oven.

If I do ever purchase a writing desk and r-fit it for modelling purposes I will have to update this post. I hope that this has given you an insight into the fact that although a dedicated work room or desk is probably what every modeler wants to have, you don't always need something that permanent to enjoy the hobby.

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  1. I like the couch, it does look comfy but how do you go finding the dropped items??? lol
    Cool cupboard under the stairs, we may have that in the new place so nice idea.