Friday 29 November 2013

Black Friday Bargains

This weeks topic has a "festive" feel to it regarding what I managed to get in the Black Friday sales. I suppose I have to point out that I find the idea of queuing for hours upon end to rummage through any old crap that the store wants to get rid of, by slapping on a sale sticker and hoping that all of the shoppers in the store will just buy it whilst in a shopping frenzy, scares the hell out me. The only thing I can liken a bunch of rabid shoppers to on black Friday is a pack of lions chasing down a tasty treat of a zebra or another unfortunate animal that gets in their path. Add to that the countless sales people testiculating* about their products for sale and you have my idea of hell.

(*very similar to Gesticulating or to ware your arms around with purpose, however to Testiculate means to wave your arms around whilst talking bollocks)

Don't get me wrong, I love a bargain as much as the next person and if I can save some money off the original selling price then I will happily cough up less to obtain more. I just don't want to feel as though I have been involved in a series of wrestling matches to get it!

To that end I almost always turn to my favourite shopping centre where I can relax with a coffee and cigarette, wear only a pair of underpants if I feel like and not have to worry about queuing next to a person of questionable personal hygiene scratching his various orifice's at every opportunity!  Yes you've guessed it; the internet!! I cannot stress how much this has revolutionised shopping for people like me. I can quite happily sit in the comfort of my own home, add things to my cart, make another cuppa while deciding if I really want all of the items and then with a few more clicks of a mouse, complete my order and settle in for another evening of pleasant modelling, safe in the knowledge that will not be suffering symptoms close to PTSD over the Christmas period from experiencing the hell that is Black Friday.

So what did I buy? Well in all honesty not much this year. I want to buy an IPad with the money that I get this crimbo, so for the moment I am being quite frugal with the funds. However I did manage to get three wonderful bargains:

Tamiya Universal Carrier  

I picked this bad boy up for £7.50 which is approximately half the normal retail price. It was admittedly reduced more than one would normally expect for a normal sale price because the radio that is supposed to be supplied with the kit was missing. This isn't really a concern to me as I intend to use it as a base model for a bit of a fun project; a Zombie control unit diorama! Please don't ask when I intend to start this, all I can say is it won't be long.

Guy Gibson 120mm Figure

This is one of the latest releases from Maurice Corey. If you have a look at the 120mm figures that I have already completed on this web-site, you will see that the majority of them are from the same sculptor. I am a huge fan of his work. The quality and realism of his work is second to none. The additional bonus of a Maurice Corry figure is that he typically chooses unusual subjects. This figure was a case of "once seen must buy" for me. The additional bonus was that it was reduced from £35 to £25. I cannot wait for this to arrive in the post for me to drool over before the wife tears it from my grasp whilst growling "you will have to wait until Christmas!!"

Tamiya Samurai 1/35 kits

Admittedly these were not sale kits in the true sense as they are out of production kits that I was fortunate to get my hands on from E-bay. They are however crimbo presents from the wife, so I will include them in this post. Amazingly they were not from the same seller and I suppose that I am lucky to manage to win all three auctions. The average price that I paid for each kit was £7 and they are in fantastic condition with no parts missing. These will form another intended future project that I have in mind and personally can't wait to do.

Well that's about it for this post. I hope you enjoyed ready it and that you will wish me luck in finding a good quality second hand Ipad which I intend to use for running this website from the comfort of my modelling desk so that I don't have to tear myself away from my models to sit at my computer. If you enjoyed reading this, then why not  pop over to the spruecutters headquarters on the combat workshops blog and see what everyone else thinks about this subject by clicking this  LINK and scrolling to the bottom of the page for other members pages


  1. Nice one Craig. Right with you there - I'll take the interweb over the High St every time. Thanks for the pointer to Corry figures, they are superb.

  2. It certainly seesm the best bargains are on the web and not in the retail shops. It is a shame in a way as i would hate to see the LHS vanish. Good read.

  3. Nice score! I like those Samurai, very unique!