Sunday 13 October 2013

Sprue Cutters Union #12: What You Like

For this weeks write up I suppose that what I like has developed over the years that I have been taking part in this hobby.

As a young boy I almost exclusively made 1/72 aircraft of the airfix variety and occasionally a model ship or two with my uncle. However when I returned to the hobby a number of years ago, my hobby interests changed drastically. The first change was the subject; gone were the aircraft and ships and in came the military subjects in 1/35. I exclusively stay with the 1/35 scale as the choice of models and accessories in this scale are fantastic and in addition I have built up a large spares box of parts and figures from previous builds that now serve to compliment my present and future projects. I would also say that although a great many of my 1/35 dioramas and vignettes are from the WWII era, I will not discount any other area of military history be it past or present as long as the subject holds interest to me. I also love painting and sculpting figures in 120 mm or 1/16. The figures are not exclusively military or historical and I suppose that this is the area of the hobby where I let my imagination run riot, choosing subjects that either interest, entertain or shock in some circumstances. Basically, if it feels right I'll sculpt or paint it.

Every now and again I will also step out of my comfort zone and do something completely different like a sci-fi subject or a war gaming piece and recently I have began working on a steam punk model. Basically as long as I maintain my enjoyment levels I will just about take any subject on that I have an interest in. Like anything else in life I suppose its easy to find criticism in a topic (such as my distaste in making aircraft models) however when it comes to things that I like I suppose that I wear some very deeply tinted rose spectacles and can honestly say that I like all aspects of this hobby, even appreciating models and figures that I would never build but admiring them when someone else has made them.

If you would like to read other peoples opinion on this subject then why not click on this link and visit the other union members pages


  1. Great post. I look forward to seeing the Steam Punk model. :-)

  2. Good read and I look forward to seeing some sculpting soon....I do swap scales but at times wish I stayed to just one for the same fact, spares.

  3. Nice work mate. Sounds like you have decided to have your cake and eat it, and the results I have seen are excellent!

  4. thanks for all the comments guys. The steam punk model is almost ready to start, just collecting the last few bits that I think I will need. As far as the sculpting goes; I'm waiting for inspiration to strike!