Wednesday 23 October 2013

The Worst Part of this hobby

I suppose for me, the worst part of any model project that I take on is the "niffnaff and trivia" jobs that I get on every build. To explain myself a little clearer; its the stage of a build when the majority of the painting is done, the parts, figures, scene is set and if it the same for you as it is for me, your left with a hundred little things that need to be completed before the model comes together. Its the soul destroying aerials, mounting rifles to figures with additions of straps, small infinitesimal parts that you were afraid of placing on the model during the build/paint phase to name but a few of the little jobs that take hours to complete and show little progress of what you have actually done for the last 8 hours!

The temptation for me is always to leave this and start another project, however in doing so it has left me with a back log of almost 20 nearly completed projects that are taking up space in my store room in the variety of shoe boxes that I use to keep them. I vowed as part of my new years resolution list that I would not buy another kit for my stash until I complete an existing project in storage.This has proved to be quite successful as I am more motivated to finish these models when I know that I can reward myself with something new and shiny to build. I would also add that the point at which I reach the "niffnaff and trivia" stage fluctuates with each model that I build. I suppose that you could also say that my current enthusiasm for the project directly affects this. A good example of this was my 8th Army Quad tractor dio that's featured on this web site. I started the project with loads of enthusiasm but shortly after the last update was made for the project, my enthusiasm for it went straight down the plughole! I have yet to pull this back out of the shoe box to finish it.

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  1. I hear you about the odd number of semi built models taking up room. I think we all struggle with this same issue.

  2. Yep, for sure. My cabinet has a whole shelf devoted to the models that I have yet to finish. Slowly but surely. Good post Craig!