Wednesday 26 July 2023

Mobile photo studio


I've had this studio for a number years and whist taking some photos of my latest completed project I realised that I have not written a review about it. I'll try and keep this one brief but hopefully include enough information about the product for you.

What you get

So this was bought for me a few years ago by my wife for a birthday gift. At the time it was £40 on e-bay and I believe you can still buy them from a few online sellers however the price does fluctuate. In the package you get x2 spotlights with very high power bulbs, the collapsible studio itself. A selection of different colour backdrop materials and a camera stand which includes a mobile phone holder. The whole kit collapses into itself in one convenient hold-all that can be stored away until needed. 





Using the studio

What I absolutely love about the studio is the consistency of the images that you get from it. BY using the lights through the diffused sides you can control the lighting as you desire and also by changing out the fabric backs control the warmth of the image. I almost exclusively use the black backgrounds in my images as I find these are the easiest to edit if I do something wrong (I'm in no way or description or photographer). What I always found difficult when I first started my website was getting some quality images of my completed models for the site. I appreciate that many model makers are fortunate to have dedicated model making spaces that include an area for photographing and even filming their projects. I however am not that fortunate; I live in a busy family home with three other family members and as such I am grateful for the space that I have. This also means that I have to get creative when it comes to building, spraying and photographing my models. This studio allows my to do that and I would recommend anyone who has seen one of these and doesn't know whether to buy one to get it. If you don't currently use lighting/backgrounds to take photos of your models then again this is something that you didn't know you needed but now once you have you'll wonder how you coped before. This is one of the tools that I own that I simply could not do without now. 




I hope you found this review useful and I'll upload another review in the very near future.

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  1. Thanks for the review, I didn't know these things existed, they would help massively. Folding away would bea massive bonus too.