Wednesday 28 August 2013

I'll never make one of those!

#spruecuttersunion week 6

This weeks topic for the union is "what will never make it onto your workbench"

As far as my modelling hobby is concerned, I generally say that I will make almost anything that catches my eye, whether its a sci fi subject, military model or a anything else. However the one thing that I will not make is an aircraft or more specifically a fixed wing aircraft (I'm making a helicopter at the moment). For those of you that have read my short bio on my web site you will probably find that strange being as I have worked on aircraft from the tender age of 16 and now teach the subject of aerospace engineering at a University.

I suppose the reason why I won't build an aircraft model is because of my career. I make models predominantly to unwind from my job and relax. The last thing that I want to do following a long day teaching lift generation or aircraft flight controls is to sit at home and glue together a wing with separate ailerons! I don't dislike aircraft models and some of the models that I have seen completed on peoples blogs or images put onto twitter have simply blown me away in their detail and execution of the finish. But its just not for me, I cannot gather any enthusiasm what so ever to make one. The closest that I have come to making an aircraft is the salt flat racer that is shown here. Its a very cheap and basic ICM BF109G that I chopped, changed and converted to resemble a high speed racer that could have been used on the salts flats of Bonneville to try and break a land speed record. I enjoyed doing this partially because of the challenge and predominantly because the model didn't have wings!

If you are reading this and make model aircraft, then please don't think that I am not interested in the subject. I love looking at them, discussing the build etc. I just don't want one on my workbench. Not now, not ever!!

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