Friday 9 August 2013

120 mm Panzer Officer WWII

This was another one of my almost finished figures that has been sat in storage for around two years. I finally got round to finishing him. I think that its a Kirin figure but I'm not too sure on that one. Anyway I purchased this from a lovely gentlemen in Hong Kong and I must say that the quality of the casting is superb. the details on the figure are excellent and the only additions I made to the figure were the wires from his radio set to the microphones around his neck and the map in his hand (plus models). I used a little bit of artistic licence for the colour of the wires but I am happy with the contrast that they make. Painting the camo pattern by hand was a challenge and the shading in oils over such an intricate pattern left the air in my house a little blue! For the base I opted for a random wall section and a little foliage that could place this soldier in any one of the numerous countries he may have been posted to in WWII.

I hope that you like the figure and would welcome any comments/feedback as always.

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