The Combat Workshop

This is one of my first supporters and twitter followers. Jon is a skilled modeler and always provides help and feedback when needed. His blog is an excellent example of what people from this hobby can produce. Jon has recently started the "Sprue Cutters Union" which is a collection of articles, tutorials and model builds that have been shared by like minded people. So if your interested in joining or just browsing, then pop along for a visit.

The Sprue Cutters Union

This is a new feature as mentioned in the combat workshop link above. Its still in its infancy but well worth a look and maybe even joining. All you need to join is an interest in models of any description and a blog. Its free to look at and free to join, so there is no excuse really.
The Sprue Cutters Union

Small stuff printables

This is a great website for down loading images of most descriptions to make your dioramas & 120mm figure bases look fantastic. There is a range of scale choice as well from 1/6 to 1/48 although most images can be scaled up or down with very basic computer skills

Colonel O'Truth

If you are ever considering scratch building or want to improve your skills, then you need to visit this blog and spend a few hours reading it. The only comment that I can make for this is that it is simply amazing!

Diego Quijano

Another fantastic hobbyist that shows just what can be done with a little imagination.

Seargent Rams Modelling Tips

Great web site for hints and tips on getting your model from good to great

Planet Figure

This web forum for all scales of figures is packed full of useful information from sculpting to finishing. Its worth a visit.

Diorama R U

Ever thought of making a diorama but didn't know where to start? Or maybe you make dioramas and want to share and discuss how you do it. This is the web site for you.


Another Fantastic site for your modelling needs

Mike Tipping Models

This is another friend of mine from Twitter. He is a superb model maker and a nice guy to talk to as well. Give his website a look, you wont be disappointed.


  1. Hi,
    Well, I've whiled away most of my day off looking through your pages as well as the various links...the wife will be thrilled that the lawn remains uncut!
    I have been modelling/painting for the best part of fifty years and now 120mm is about the limits of my fast fading eyesight, I may just have a try at this sculpting lark...

    1. HI Chailey. Sorry for the very late reply (and your lawn). I do hope you had a go at sculpting and I'm grateful for you taking the time to go through my website. I would love to know how you got on. Drop me a line through google