Wednesday 24 July 2013

Hobby Boss RSOV

This is a Hobby Boss RSOV Land Rover that is used by the American military. The kit is very well made however in my opinion it does lack additional kit and stowage that I would have liked to have seen included with the kit. The figures are from trumpeter and the external stowage, bags and packs were raided from my spares box. The alterations made to this kit were the front grill which I scratch built from styrene sheet and some airwaves etch metal grill. I also altered the 50 cal machine gun mount to better reflect what can be seen on the real thing. The mount was made again from styrene sheet and Milliput. The seats were changed from the ones supplied with the kit to some scratch built ones that represent what is on the real vehicle. Again these were made from styrene sheet and Milliput. I have also added a tow rope to the front winch of the vehicle which is simply some very thin gauge copper wire. Paints used are Humbrol enamels and oils for weathering.

The scene depicted came about from a decision to show the engine bay. I had put so much time into detailing what is a very good representation of the engine, that I thought it would be a shame to cover this with the bonnet. I didn't want to just have the bonnet open as lets face it, how many times do you stop your vehicle and put the bonnet up for no real reason! I altered one of the trumpeter figures who originally held a machine gun, to hold a water container taken from the side of the vehicle and sole a little stuffing from one of my daughters many toy bears to depict the steaming radiator. The scene now firmly set in my mind, I set a bout creating a very simple scene of an RSOV suffering from overheating, with one of the crew fetching some water for the radiator, another telling him what to do, the commander speaking on the radio to tell someone of their unfortunate problem while the 50 cal operator keeps a watchful eye out for trouble.

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