Wednesday, 26 March 2014

1/35 scale military WWII Inspiration models

These are images of outstanding work created by other model makers that I have collected over the years. NONE OF THE MODELS SHOWN ON THIS PAGE ARE MINE AND I AM IN NO WAY SEEKING TO TAKE CREDIT FOR THE WORK SHOWN BELOW. I have added these images because I have been asked a number of times where I draw my inspiration from. If you are the maker or you know the maker of any of these models; please get in touch and I will give you credit for the work ad links to your website if required.




  1. Did you make all these dioramas or are you just sharing the images?

  2. HI. Anything that comes under the inspirations tab of my website are made by other model makers and are not my work. I share these images as they provide inspiration to me and hopefully other model makers that see them. If anyone knows the creator of any of these; please get in touch with me so that I can credit them with their work